Blast From the Past

Today’s post is not your typical StyLin post. Spoiler alert, I’m about to get real sentimental and real reflective. I’m currently visiting home in New Mexico, and I’ve found myself really uninspired, and unmotivated to create content for StyLin. Believe me, I had all of these grandiose plans and so many ideas, but as soon as I hit touched down I lost them. I found myself feeling guilty for not wanting to create and not knowing what to create. It’s hard to be in college and blog. It’s hard to maintain a social life, a job, and grades but I do my best because no matter how busy I get, StyLin will always be my place to share what I love. It’s 12:28am here and I just spent a solid hour looking through old photos which have unintentionally reminded me why I love StyLin, and fashion itself. I thought, what better way than to kick off an (almost) new year of content with sharing some of my old shots. StyLin is my baby and something I only want to grow and I know that I can. I know that 2018 will be the best year yet, so stay tuned.

xo! L.

I went through a serious boho phase. These were my first pair of wedges EVER.

These boots were everything to me. Literally EVERYTHING.

I don’t know what to call this look, but I like.

Went through a serious Sincerely Jules inspired phase.

Not sure why I thought this hat would be cute with this shirt.

Skater/ Sincerely Jules phase?

I will forever love these Nikes. I would call this sport chic…

To this day, I still love this sweater.

I have no idea what to call this. I was still trying to figure out how to style my Doc Martens.




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